Why engineering needs high performance cloud solutions

The design and engineering function in companies is in crisis. The engineering community must deliver designs better, faster and cheaper; design high quality products with lesser designers and across a distributed ecosystem of partners; and respond to increased CIO cost control of engineering IT.

And they must do all of this in an operational reality of siloed data centers tied to projects and locations; limited or poor operational insight; underutilized resources still missing peak demands; and designers tied to local desk side workstations and with limited collaboration.

The way to overcome these issues is to transform siloed environments into shared engineering clouds – private and private-hosted initially and transitioning to public over time. To achieve this, engineering functions require interactive and batch remote access; shared and centralized engineering IT; and an integrated business and technical environment.

This will unlocks designer skills from a location; provide greater access to compute and storage resources; align resource to project priorities; and realize improved operational efficiency and competitive cost savings.

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